Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day By the Lake

So Luke kind of got jilted on Father's Day this year. Sure, I got up early with the kids, but he ended up taking them to church by himself so that I could finish getting things ready for our Father's Day lunch, and then he did the work of grilling for our families. Thankfully he loves manning the grill and making his own bacon wrapped hamburger creations. But still- I'm so thankful for him! And for his skill at grilling.

our grill master
We took both of our families (all the grandparents, Heather and Jason, and Lyd) to the local county park where we're on year two of a season pass. There's a giant lake, two play grounds, a nature center, trails, paddle boats/kayaks/canoes, and picnic tables with grills galore! The park was the most packed I've ever seen it, but we had no problem finding two picnic tables next to each other with a grill. We were under some trees for shade and not super close to the other families in the park.

Uncle Jason is so ready to be a dad!
Luke grilled burgers and hot dogs while we munched on a veggie platter and chips and salsa. It had been awhile since he'd used a charcoal grill and we hadn't brought enough charcoal so things were being cooked sloooowly. Jason ran out to get more, and then we all enjoyed our meat, fruit salad, BLT pasta salad, and the delicious banana crumb cake my sister made. The kids ran around, played on both play grounds, threw rocks into the water, enjoyed the slushies Uncle Jason brought back when he ran out to get charcoal, and I'm sure ate more chips than they should have!

And since the banana crumb cake wasn't enough dessert, we all headed back to our house to eat ice cream cake my mom brought. Super delicious, and it's a good thing I'm on a diet to gain weight!

I am so thankful for my dad, and for how he raised me. He's steady and strong, proud of his children, financially savvy, and a hard worker. Though he's quieter, he's steady and sure doing life with my mom and serving our church.

My father-in-law is always ready to give me a hug when we see them, as well as a hug good-bye. He's encouraging and kind. He loves his children, and I know is always praying for them. He runs his own business and works another job without complaint, and his love for his wife and Jesus are just a part of who he is!

I love watching Luke as a dad. He's far better at being the disciplinarian in our parenting, but he's also the best at just having fun with them. Turning the beginning of a tantrum into giggles, and distracting them with something funny. He works so hard and never complains about his commute (aside from the one time some crazy person on the metro stole his money!) We sure love him!

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