Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eight Years

Today marks eight years of marriage for us! As always, how has the time gone by so quickly?? We've officially been parents for half of those years, and I think that has made time fly by even faster. Marriage has its seasons, and I feel like the last year has seen a season of hard times with the infertility (mostly because of my response to it all!), as well as a joyful season of just loving the little moments we spend with just the two of us or with our little family.

This past weekend, my mom offered to take the kids on Saturday so that we could get away for a little while and just celebrate us. And Luke being the amazing husband that he is, fulfilled my desire to get outdoors and go hiking! We headed up to the Catoctin Mountains to hike to Hog Rock and Wolf Rock. The weather was great for a June day- in the 80's with low humidity.

We spent about three hours hiking, and covered about seven miles, the last hour or so only going about two miles as we went straight up to Wolf Rock and then straight down (and we were thankful that Monday was not a leg day for working out!) We spent our time talking about all sorts of things- how we still need to make a will and determine who will get custody of our children should we die, funny things our children have said and done, the fact the infertility costs so much money, what big trip we want to do for our 10th anniversary (you can never start planning too soon!), and so much more. I love that after all this time and knowing each other for over half our lives, that we enjoy just doing these little things together. Now to find the baby-sitters so we can do this more often!

After we were done hiking we went into downtown Thurmont to Kountry Kitchen to grab some food. We'd eaten there when we went away for our first anniversary, and even though it's just a random little diner, it was fun going back and eating yummy food. Since we were there around 3:00, we were the only ones there and our food was brought out quickly. It was delicious and we finished it off with a chocolate cupcake!

Meanwhile, the littles got spoiled and went to see Finding Dory and ate pizza for dinner. After a quick trip to the grocery store for Father's Day supplies, we met up with them, and capped off the night with a trip to Dairy Queen. We went home covered in sweat and ice cream and smiles on our faces.

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