Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Noelle!

Dear Ellie,

Time has flown way too fast, as I'd been warned that it would, and here we are- you're a little girl now. No more toddler- no more stubby toddler legs, your face has matured, full on conversations- all the makings of a little girl. I keep telling you to not turn four, but you're so excited about being a "big girl!"

Your finished your first year of preschool, and other than those dark winter mornings, you were so eager to get to school and see your teachers and friends. You came home with new songs to sing, an exploding imagination, and best of all, you learned things about Jesus.

One of your favorite things to ask is "what day will it be when I wake up?" And if it's not the day you're looking for, you'll follow up with "and the day after that?" You're learning to associate certain days with certain things- you had school on Monday and Tuesdays, and church on Sundays. You've been recognizing most upper case letters, though I should probably be better about reviewing those with you over the summer!

You love playing with all your friends, especially Lillian and Kaylee at church, Addalyn, Riley, and Reese from school, and Sophie next door. You and Sophie have tea parties, become doctors to your stuffed animals, play in our little baby pool, and constantly change from one princess dress to the next.

Jonah is your favorite one minute and least favorite the next. He definitely has a thing for wanting the exact toy you've just picked up, which leads to lots of squealing and you yelling "no Jonah!" But mommy loves it when I see you two sitting together reading books, or when you hold hands when we're walking around somewhere. It makes me so thankful that you have each other!

It's hard to believe how far we've come since our bitty 5lb 13oz baby girl entered the world! You've grown in so many ways, and I know that there is still so much more ahead. Daddy and I are praying that you'll love Jesus most of all, and that a relationship with Him will spill over into every other part of your life. Don't ever forget how much He loves YOU!

And we love you more than you'll ever know!


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