Monday, July 11, 2016

A Lot of Celebrating

Our 4th of July three day weekend involved lots of celebrating- a birthday party for a friend turning two on Saturday, a birthday party for a one year old on Sunday, a family party for Noelle on Sunday, and 4th of July cookout with my parents on Monday. Lots of fun things!

I didn't do a great job of getting pictures of everything, but hopefully that just means I was too busy living to think about the camera (at least that's what I'm telling myself!) On Sunday morning, Noelle came downstairs and the first thing she said was "I'm four today!" This is the first year she has understood that it's her birthday, and she's been so excited about turning four, especially after celebrating all her pre-school friend's birthdays. I gave her a big hug, and then we got her dressed in her new birthday dress (which we bought a matching one for her little birthday twin turning one that day!)

She kept asking to open her presents, but we were planning on waiting for the evening when the grandparents and aunts came over. She had pretty much already been given all the gifts we were getting for her (her balance bike, a new helmet, and the birthday dress), but I had one more little gift for her and we let her open it once we were all up and dressed for church. I filmed her opening the little horse necklace we bought for her, and of course, just as she's getting it out, Jonah sticks his hand down his diaper and comes out with some fresh poop on his fingers. Thanks, bud!

After church, we headed over to the park across the street and let the kids play on the playground for a bit. They of course had a blast, and then we headed to the first birthday party of the day. It was fun celebrating our friend's baby girl, and at one point during the afternoon five kids were crammed into the tiny baby swimming pool my friend had set up- and they were loving it!

A few hours later we headed home and got ready to celebrate Noelle with our families. We kept it simple and ordered pizza (cheese for Noelle, of course!), and as soon as everyone was there, she was eager to open presents. She was excited about everything, but especially about the Paw Patrol Skye dress (from Aunt Ruth) and Skye backpack/lunchbox (from Aunt Becky). In the span of a week the dress was already worn three times, and the backpack taken many places.

That evening, our neighbors brought out sparklers and Noelle and Jonah had a blast waving them around and playing with their friends. I didn't fully trust Jonah, but he did surprisingly well! Both Sunday night and Monday night, we heard fireworks going off and could even see parts of some over the top of the tree across the street from our house. The 4th was rainy, and a tiny bit chilly, but we had fun eating dinner (and way too much dessert!) with my parents and sister. All in all, a great weekend!

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