Friday, July 1, 2016


I don't remember when I first downloaded the app, but quite possibly a year ago. I just didn't get it- why take pictures and videos that you couldn't keep? Why let people see them for a few seconds, and then never again? What was the purpose??

I still don't completely get it, but I most definitely use it. Over the winter one day, after Luke told me he had added the app to his phone, I took some videos of the kids just playing around in the basement. And sent them to Luke and my sisters- the only people I knew who had Snapchat. When my sisters would message me about what the kids were doing, and as they asked for more, I realized that Snapchat was a fun way to share some of my every day with any family who also had the app.

They started getting videos of the kids dancing and/or singing, pictures of Jonah getting perilously close to Zoe, videos of both kids throwing tantrums at the same time and me adding the message that it was only 8:00 in the morning. You know- my every day! My brother and Heather's husband heard about the videos, and since you can only play them once, or replay them right away, they each got the app for themselves so that they could join the fun.

Since getting the app, other features have been added- like the filters. You focus the picture on your face and then can choose from a bunch of different things- puppy dog face, filters that distort you face, give you braces and glasses, holiday themed ones and more. One of the best ones is a face swap one- get one or more people in the picture and it will swap your faces around. I was doing it with my siblings when we were all home for Easter and they were absolutely hilarious!

Some days I take a lot of snaps, other days I might forget about it entirely. Sometimes I use the filters just to keep Jonah entertained for awhile. But it's fun, and thankfully I figured out that I can at least save the snaps that I make- I just have to remember to do it! And as more friends have joined, it's fun seeing little pieces of their day!

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