Monday, July 25, 2016

The Olden Days and A Trip to the Outlets

You know you eat at Chick Fil A too often when you're playing "store", and your 4 year old says "Your pleasure" after you buy your items and say thank you.

And maybe it also means we go shopping too often...

Last week, Noelle attended Vacation Bible School at Luke's parent's church for the second year. Last summer, she ended up crying almost every morning as I dropped her off, but this year, she was so excited to go and barely looked my direction as she joined the other 4 year olds. She had so much fun, and I think learned something- she at least told me that they talked about Noah and the Ark.

On Tuesday, I had Tyler and Sienna for the day, so after dropping Noelle off we went to run a few errands. As we were driving around, they asked me how old I was and told them 31, close in age to their mom and dad. Sienna said something about how her dad was born in the olden days, like in 1987 or something (which I know is not true because I'm younger than him!) I laughed so hard about it being the "olden days", and then Tyler asked me if in the "olden days" we had to make our clothes out of leaves. Stinkers!

The rest of the week I had some nice one-on-one time with Jonah. One day we came home and played in the pool for awhile and another day we went to get a treat at Starbucks and do some shopping. It was fun having that time with him and keeping ourselves busy without our girl!

This past weekend was our first weekend in the month of July without a birthday party to go to. We had nothing planned except for a dinner with my family since Becky is in town from Colorado. On Saturday morning we decided to drive up to the Gettysburg outlets to do some shopping. All we came home with was food (goldfish from the Pepperidge Farm oulet) and a loaf of bread from the Farmer's Market (it has bacon in it- Luke was sold!) Although, this is not entirely true, Noelle had her first shopping experience in Claire's to spend some birthday money and bought a little tiara. (I'm pretty sure we currently have no idea where it is.) Then we had dinner with my family and celebrated Becky's birthday early!

the fountain at the outlets
Sunday was another super relaxed day with church in the morning, hanging around the house all afternoon, and then my mom texted to see if we wanted to meet at Dairy Queen for some ice cream in the evening. Luke gets Dairy Queen's emails, and the blizzard of the month is supposed to be Monster Cookie- we've now been three times this month and they still don't have it! Soon! I really hope!

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