Thursday, July 27, 2017

An Elephant, A Pig, and Some Peaches

I can't believe we're getting ready to wrap up the month of July, and a month from tomorrow, Noelle starts kindergarten! I'm so not ready for that, and Luke and I have a trip to Seattle before then, which will of course make this next month fly by even quicker.

This past Monday we met some friends at our local library for a special Elephant and Piggie presentation. We love these books, and hearing Noelle and Jonah's laughter when we read the books makes them that much better. Our favorite librarian and his wife act out 3 of the stories, as well as sing songs with all the kids. Noelle was more into it than Jonah, but still fun for all of us. Afterwards we headed to Chick Fil A for food and playtime with our friends.

This morning we headed to Larriland Farm to do some peach picking. The weather over the last few days has been pretty mild, and this morning was overcast making it a good morning to do something outside (aka Noelle wouldn't be able to complain too much about heat or the sun!)

We picked about 10 pounds of peaches and then headed over to the main part of the farm to check out what they were selling and to say hi to the animals. They each got to pick out two flavored honey sticks, and then fed individual pieces of grass to the goat (who also snatched Jonah's brown paper bag with his honey sticks.)

Sometimes when Noelle and Jonah are having some screen time, Luke and I will go down to the basement to watch t.v. ourselves. Usually it's in the evenings when Clara pretty much nurses on and off for a few hours, so it's an easy way to sit and do something together. It reminds us of when Noelle was first born and we went through the entire series of Friends. We're currently watching Leverage, and on my own while nursing at night, I've re-watched all the seasons of Call the Midwife, Z: The Beginning of Everything (about Zelda Fitzgerald), Free Rein (a horse series on Netflix), and now I'm re-watching Hart of Dixie. That's probably more t.v. than I've watched in the last two years combined!

And of course, this little one is cuddling with us.

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