Saturday, July 29, 2017


J man has been giving us a run for our money! I love this boy of mine, but some days we're just so done with him before 10 a.m. The tears, the whining, the freaking out if he's "left all alone" in a room. Last night I was in bed with the lights off around 9:00 and kept hearing a thumping noise. Just Jonah jumping off the arm chair in our room (aka my nursing chair.) And then he came into our room/bed at least 4 times, waking us up more often then Clara did. 


The next morning continued with more of the same from Jonah, and Luke, who is one of the most patient human beings I know, was clearly very frustrated. So to give him some time away from children, I packed them up into the van and we headed out for donuts. Apparently in the last 5 weeks (aka since Clara has been born) our local Dunkin' Donuts had a bit of a facelift, which Noelle was very excited to tell Daddy about when we got home with his donut. And to extend our time away from the house we drove around for awhile looking for horses while Clara napped and I sipped my coffee.


Clara has been a bit fussier than her normal the last two days (though still slept her usual greatness last night) and has pretty much been nursing/pacifying herself on me She just falls asleep while she's nursing but won't stay asleep for long if I lay her down on her own. I'm trying to just focus on soaking it in, and praying that she'll go back to being ok sleeping in the swing or rock'n'play by herself!


When Noelle was born, my sister gifted us a knitted Yoda hat because of Luke's great love for Star Wars. We now have a picture of all 3 babies wearing the hat, and I love it! (Jonah on top, Noelle on the bottom left, and Clara on the bottom right.)


Last weekend when I did my "workout" (aka walk/jog) on Saturday I noticed a twinge in my left heel. The next morning I attempted to add a bit more running, and ended up limping home with something going on with my achilles. I of course googled everything, and had/have myself freaking out that I've ruptured my achilles tendon, which oftentimes (according to google) requires surgery, a long recovery time, and physical therapy. I went to my podiatrist on Thursday, and she seemed to think based on how I could move my foot around that it's most likely tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon), or possibly a small tear. I'm in a boot for two weeks, and after my follow up appointment, if I'm still in "pain" (it's really not so much that it's painful, but that I just feel something and can't walk around correctly), then we'll do an MRI which would help diagnose a tear. It's frustrating and am pretty down about it (that time of walking/running in the mornings was much needed time to myself), but I'm also thinking that it's God's way of telling me to just REST. So I'm sleeping in (to the lovely time of 9:30 this morning) and sitting and watching more t.v. 


Noelle has continued her love for crafting, and this morning she had each of us "pose" so she could draw a family portrait. Jonah threw a fit because she didn't draw him first, and I was nursing while she drew me, but I love how her picture turned out. "There are five people in our house now!" is what she keeps saying, and oh how we love it!


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