Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday, Noelle!

Happy 5th birthday to my first baby!

one last picture with my 4 year old!
It has been so fun watching you grow in to the little girl that you are. I know that in the last few months that I've begged you to stay 4, but I know the next year will be so good for you! Loving on your sister, starting kindergarten, telling Jonah what preschool will be like- it will be a year full of good changes.

You love My Little Pony, Octonauts, Littlest Pet Shop, and a variety of other shows that you watch on your little tablet. Which you almost always fast forward through because you can.  You love being read to, and one of our current favorites to read together are the Sophie Mouse books. Our current summer goal is to read 100 different books, with the reward of frozen yogurt. (An Ellie favorite!)

You love cheese (and only cheese!) pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, turkey meat, yogurt, oatmeal, and chips. Your sweet tooth is not as strong as mommy's, but you did eat three cupcakes on your birthday yesterday!

You play a lot of pretend with Jonah- managing a store, restaurant, Care Bear as your baby, and putting on shows. You don't seem to have a fear of being on stage as you had no problem being up on front of people at your Pre-K graduation and end of Sunday School presentation. You still are not a fan of being outside, especially of it's too hot or too cold, but you do enjoy a trip to the playground. One of your favorite things to do is go to the mall. You're all about the carousel and getting Chick Fil A for lunch. And spending any money that you've been given- my little shopper!

You try to avoid bedtime regularly by coming into my room and telling me you miss me. And your current bedtime prayer every night is "thank you that mommy and daddy had the baby." You're still all about wearing dresses, and thanks to one of your best friends, Sophie, we are well stocked for awhile.

You're very insistent that your name is Ellie, but you've told me that I'm allowed to call you Noelle during the Christmas season. You're recognizing a few words here and there when we read books, and you amaze me with all the things you learn from Sunday School, and even from the t.v. shows you watch.

We love you so much, and continue to pray that you will love Jesus above all else!

Happy Birthday, Noelle!

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