Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 2 With Three Kids

While our mornings are slow, we've also been trying to get ourselves out the door a couple of days during the week to keep things normal for Noelle and Jonah. I'm definitely remembering how long it takes to get out the door when you have a baby who nurses on demand, and a million things to make sure you have in case you need them. On Wednesday I even made it out the door for a MOPS playdate with all three by myself- we were only a half hour late and somehow managed to leave one of the sliding van doors wide open the whole time we were at the playground. 

Playing with chalk outside the library

On Monday, we took Daddy to our favorite library time. Clara slept in the ergo the whole time, and the big kids had fun picking out books and singing and dancing with Mr. Chris. Since it was Noelle's birthday, Luke took her and Jonah to get froyo while I nursed Clara in the car. That evening we had our families over for pizza and strawberry cupcakes. I'm pretty sure it was the perfect day for Noelle.

Fourth of July was pretty quiet. We hung out at home, ate the delicious food that people from church have been bringing, and just had some good downtime. Which of course gives me time for lots of newborn snuggles. We've also been reading books, watching TV, and playing with toys (especially new birthday toys!)

Yesterday was rainy so we headed to the mall to play in the play area, eat our packed lunch, and go for a ride on the carousel (paid for by a gazillion coins out of their piggy banks.) Luke also joined the YMCA this week, and we're hanging out at the pool for the second time. Since Luke is home for the summer, we figured we'd join a pool so he could give the kids swim lessons, rather than paying for them to go somewhere. Luke even got them both goggles, which Jonah was especially excited about!

Sweet miss Clara is continuing to do so well! She gets fussy when she needs to get some poop out or when she's hungry. But overall, she's pretty content. I go to bed sometime between 8 and 9, and Luke takes her down to the basement. He usually does a feeding at some point before bringing her up around midnight so I get at least a three hour stretch of sleep. Lately she's then been eating around 2 and 5, and then wakes up between 7 and 8. She's already sleeping better than 6 month old Jonah was! We're praying it continues this way, but I know that things could always change. 

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