Saturday, July 1, 2017

Clara's First Week

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

This verse is so how I feel about the first week of Clara's life. There have been so many precious things that I want to remember and treasure in my heart. Out of all our kids, this has been the easiest transition with a newborn, and I'm praying that it's part of her personality, and will continue to be this way! And maybe it's also because this isn't our first time, and because I've longed for these newborn days for awhile.

In the hospital, Clara really only cried if she was hungry or wanted some extra attention. She didn't always take to nursing, but even if she fussed through that, she would fall asleep in my arms, and I would just stare at her while she slept. I stayed awake with her for a few hours the first night with her just laying on my lap. It was precious and sweet just staring in my brand new baby girl, thanking God for the opportunity to be her mama. The second night, Luke stayed up for a bit holding her so that I could get some sleep, and seeing Luke love on his daughter is a sight to cherish.

When my parents brought Noelle and Jonah to visit after church on Sunday, they had on their Big Sister/Promoted to Big Brother shirts. The first thing Noelle said was that she was right- the baby was a girl! She absolutely loves that she was right about getting a sister. Someone from our church told me that when Jonah was dropped off for nursery that morning, he exclaimed to the whole nursery that he had a new sister. When my sister and her husband got to to the hospital, Jonah proudly pointed to Clara and told them that she is our baby. So much sibling love!

On Thursday we were visited by one of our pastors just to check in and make sure that everything was going well. And then he prayed over Clara that she would continue to grow, and come to love Jesus as her Savior. It made my mama heart feel so loved and blessed by our church. We've already received a few meals, and will continue to receive them for another two weeks from friends at church, and then my local MOPS group will provide meals for a couple of weeks. The generosity of friends is felt and SO appreciated!

Everything is certainly not sunshine and roses- I'm struggling with this post baby body even though at the same time, I realize that it just grew my little Clara girl, and that is such a miracle to me! She still fights breastfeeding at times, and I told Luke that it feels like she's rejecting me. I know it's because the bottle is easier, and I'm just happy that she's getting some breast milk, but still, I want my baby to be happy and satisfied. I'm hoping breastfeeding is a more positive experience overall this time (and so far it is!)

We're so thankful that she's growing, and sleeping so well. I love how she sticks her little lips out when she's done eating, and sticks her chin out as she stretches. I love when I lay her on my shoulder to burp her and she scrunches her little body up like she probably was in the womb. So many tender things that fly by in the newborn stage!

We love our little Clara! Happy one week, sweet girl!

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