Monday, November 24, 2014

Jonah: 7 Month Update

I've been telling people Jonah is 7 months old for the past week, so when he actually turned 7 months old yesterday I almost forgot!  Little man is certainly growing, and we love his smiles and spunkiness!

Height and Weight: By my rough estimates he is about 14 1/2 pounds and 26ish inches.

Sleep: Ever since his 6 month appointment, we've started letting him cry it out if he wakes up more than once in the night, and it has made such a difference!  We've even had a few nights where he slept all the way through the night! As of this past week we think he's teething again, so I have been getting up twice in the night to comfort him because it's no fun when you're mouth hurts.  But hopefully this will be short-lived and we can get back to once or less a night.

I'm really thankful for the doctor's opinion on crying-it-out and giving me the confidence to just go ahead and do it.  It was hard, especially at first when he would cry for 40+ minutes at a time, but now it doesn't take long for him to quiet down.  I've even left him with my mom and with Luke and they have been able to put him down for naps without too much fuss, which is so nice for me!

We usually get two naps a day- a longer one (2-3 hours) in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon.  Bedtime is usually between 7 and 8, and if his second nap was on the earlier side, then he is usually more than ready for bed.

Eating: I feel like I've been feeding him like that's my only job, but at least we had a good weight gain.  I nurse in the morning, before a nap, after nap, before and after the second nap, before bed, and then usually just once at night.  I also try to give him about two 4 once bottles of formula throughout the day, and have 2-3 feedings of solid food.

I have also given him yogurt melts broken into tinier pieces, and just this past week gave him cheerios for the first time.  He definitely enjoys both!  His favorite solids are probably sweet potato and banana, and he pretty much refuses to eat green beans.

Diapers/Clothing: He is in size 2 diapers, but has had quite a few blowouts (like up the back into the hair) recently so I don't know if we need to go up a size?  We'll see how things go over the next month with that one.  For clothing he's mostly in 6 month, with some 6-9 month and even some 3-6 month sized outfits in the mix.  I went to a tot swap at the beginning of the month and picked up some more adorable holiday outfits (I think the boy has 3 sweater vests now), and I am so looking forward to seeing him all dressed up!

Social/Milestones: In the last two weeks I've really been encouraging him to sit up, and he's pretty much a pro at it now.  He still falls over occasionally, but he handles it really well and seems happy to be able to sit up to play with toys and watch what is going on around him.  He is most definitely a mama's boy, but we're going to have to work on that as we have holiday parties coming up when he will be left with a sitter.

Likes: He loves to be held and be around people, but he has gotten better about being left to play with toys by himself for a few minutes as long as he's well-fed.  He also had his first two baths in the big bathtub and really seemed to enjoy being able to splash and play with toys.  We haven't put both littles in together yet, but I think he'll like having big sister in there since he likes to watch her all the time anyhow.

Dislikes: He does not like being put into his carseat.  He almost always arches his back and we have to struggle to get him buckled in.  Usually once he's in he is fine though.  He does not like being hungry, but now that we're supplementing I can at least give him a bottle to help with that.

Fun things we did: We went to Gaver Farm with our MOPS group, dressed up for his first Halloween, had some fun play dates, and got together with our church small groups.

Some pictures from the last month:

me and my halloween puppies

looking dapper before church

play date with Becker

funny faces while celebrating grandpa's birthday

gained some weight

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