Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some Firsts

This past week we had  a few firsts.  The first one is not anything exciting, but Noelle fell asleep while playing for the first time ever!  Any other nap she has ever had has been in a bed, laying on someone, or in the car.

I was busy making dinner and feeding Jonah food in the kitchen and she was playing in the living room, when after awhile I noticed that it had gotten awfully quiet.  I thought maybe she had gone upstairs on her own so I quickly went up the stairs, calling her name and looked in the three rooms but didn't see any sign of her or hear anything.

I was starting to get worried and quickly came back downstairs to see if maybe she had gone down the basement steps.  But as I came down, I saw that she was sound asleep on the couch.  Silly girl! Thinks she doesn't need naps anymore, but she just couldn't fight it that day.

Also, on Mondays Luke's sister, Lydia, comes over to hang out with me and the littles while Luke goes to swim practice.  Well, we always end up staying up later than we normally do so that we can watch our show (Once Upon A Time) and catch up on Lydia's life.  And since Noelle always goes to sleep with me, she stays up late as well.  This past week, Lyd was getting ready to leave around 10 and Noelle wanted "uppie" so I picked her up, but she got back down, walked up the stairs, and fell fast asleep in my bed.  Just maybe she's starting to learn how amazing sleep is.


The next first was this past Thursday when the weather turned really cold.  It was kind of a dreary day, and when Luke went outside in the evening to take out the recycling he came in with snowflakes on him.  Jonah's first snow!  I, of course, insisted on running outside to snap a few pictures, even if it was the tiniest little bit of snow.  Jonah was unimpressed, but Noelle seemed to have fun looking at the snow.

smiles for the snow

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those snow photos!!!

    I am denial that it actually snowed around here. I maintain that if I didn't see it with my own eyes, it didn't happen. Even though you have photographic evidence! ;-)