Sunday, November 2, 2014

Larriland Farm

One of the great things about super local Larriland Farm is that it's free!  You of course have to pay for any produce that you pick or get from their little market.  But during the fall especially, it's a great place to wander around with little kids to look at the various fall gourds, watch the goats, and stick your faces in the face hole pictures scattered throughout.

Our first trip to Larriland during the fall season was actually at the end of September.  We'd been at home all day, and once Jonah woke up from his afternoon nap, I decided it was time for us to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful day.

Noelle and a Halloween kitty

We randomly ran into some friends from church who have a little boy just about two weeks older than Noelle, and another little guy about two months younger than Jonah.  We checked out the llamas (alpacas?) and goats with them, and played in the fun face hole pictures.  And then I got some fun pictures of Noelle standing by the hay bale maze that were similar to the year before.

Noelle 15 months // Noelle 2 years old

The next trip was in mid-October with my friend Natalie, and her two littles, Vivian and Becker. Vivian is about seven months older than Noelle, and Becker is two months younger than Jonah.  The girls had a great time together, and it was so fun watching Noelle chase after and copy everything that Vivian did.  And they were super adorable sticking their heads in the face holes and holding hands!

measuring stick // looking for the goats

Both boys did pretty well, and we ended our visit sitting in some chairs nursing them before we left. We had asked a lady to take a picture of all of us and she asked if the boys were twins.  Nope- just future best friends!

group shot // the Halloween cat again

The third time we went to Larriland was the next week with my mom to do some apple picking!  The weather had turned chilly and it was cloudy and windy that day.  They had a van system set up to drive people out to the apple trees, and we jumped in ready to pick some yummy apples.  Of course the type of apple we wanted to pick, Braeburn apples, were in almost the last orchard.  But Noelle was a trooper and somewhat willingly walked all the way to the orchard from where the van dropped us off.

picking apples with Nana // mama and littles

We decided to each pick half a bag of apples, figuring that combined it would come to about 20 pounds, which dropped the price per pound a little bit.  We'd been told that a full bag would carry between 15 and 20 pounds.  Yeah, we didn't end up even collecting quite 10 pounds.  It was pretty funny and my mom is now convinced that their scales are rigged!

my little snuggle buddy

I love that the farm is just a beautiful place to go with littles, and that you can make the trip be what you want it to be- just wander around or actually go out and pick produce.  We will definitely be going back next fall!

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  1. I loved reading this post (and not just because my littles were in the photos, too! haha) What a fun tradition you have with your kids now. I especially liked the way you recreated the shot of Noelle by the haybale maze!