Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weekend Stuff

Right when we're about to start a new weekend, I wanted to make sure to capture what we did last weekend.  It wasn't a particularly busy weekend (which is always nice to have), but we did do a few fun things that I want to remember.

Saturday morning Noelle and I went with our MOPS group to Pizza Hut to take a tour of their kitchen and Noelle got to make her own pizza.  It was so adorable watching all the little children explore the kitchen and add toppings to their pizza. And Noelle is certainly a girl after my own heart and LOVES pizza!

putting toppings on her pizza

The Pizza Hut employees had all the kids wash their hands and then showed them what the dough looks like before and after it is set aside to rise.  We went inside their giant refrigerator and saw where they keep all of the toppings for the pizzas.  Each child added the toppings they wanted to their own personal pan pizza, and then, of course, we got to watch all the pizzas go through the giant oven.

 waiting for her pizza to come out of the oven

On Saturday evening we got to visit with our friend Emily from England who was here on business. She and her husband lived in the USA for three years and had a baby girl while they were here.  They moved back to England a little over a year ago and we miss them a lot, but it's nice for them to be closer to their families.  They were a part of our small group so everyone was there, including Noelle's bestie, Lillian.

being goobers together

We also celebrated my dads birthday on Sunday.  It's always fun getting to see family and everyone was there except for Nathan (who gets in Thanksgiving morning-yay), which meant Noelle and Jonah got lots of attention.

Jonah with the birthday grandpa

Jonah was pretty good and nursed while we all ate dinner- delicious steaks cooked by my mom. Jonah had taken a pretty good nap and thankfully was in a good mood, and willing to hang out with other people.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake and ice cream, which I'm pretty sure Noelle always thinks is for her.

the sisters and Noelle with our brown boots

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