Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our First Baby

Three years ago on the day before Thanksgiving I found out that I was pregnant with Noelle.  We had been sticking with our plan of not preventing for about 9 months and I was eagerly waiting for that positive pregnancy test.  I had already wasted quite a few and had told myself I had to go two full months without getting my period before I would use another test.

At the beginning of September I had quit my high-stress job and was on the lookout for a new one. The economy wasn't great, but we had agreed it was time for me to leave a job that I was losing sleep over, and we were trusting God that He would provide for us financially with only one of us working. It was nice being able to catch up on sleep, take care of the house, and I watched my friend's baby girl while she worked a half day on Fridays.  Of course, watching her sweet girl made me want a baby of my own all the more!

Well, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I went with my dad to pick up my sisters from the airport. My youngest sister had been studying abroad in Australia, and when her semester ended, my other sister flew out so the two of them could travel around.  It was a later flight, and as we were driving back home chatting and catching up, I noticed that my stomach felt off.  It wasn't quite the end of November, but I thought maybe I would go ahead and take a pregnancy test the next day.

Luke and I slept in the next morning with plans for a leisurely day.  As he was hopping into the shower, I pulled out another test preparing myself for the disappointment I always felt with each negative one.  This time though, I instantly got a positive!  There was no waiting the 2 or 3 minutes the test said to wait.  I was so excited and freaking out inside, and flipping through my head trying to figure out how to tell Luke.

I'd had some grandiose plans I had thought of before, but I just couldn't hold my news in!  I whipped back the shower curtain and told him I had a positive pregnancy test.  

His response? "Oh really?"  

I told him I'd had that particular test sitting in the closet for a few months so maybe we should go buy a newer one just to double check.  After I went for a run and got myself ready, we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things, including more pregnancy tests.  I took one as soon as we got back home, and it was instantly positive again.  I was so beyond full of joy and thankful that God had answered a long awaited prayer.

And now our baby girl is almost two and half years old.  So crazy to think back on that day and see where we are now.  Definitely super blessed!

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