Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weight Check

Jonah had his weight check today, and it was a success!  Both Luke and I thought that he felt heavier and looked bigger, but I also thought the same thing before his six month appointment so I wasn't sure if he really had gained weight.

As usual, I was a bit of a dumbo and scheduled his appointment during his morning nap time. Thankfully he stayed awake before we left, and was in a good mood while we were there.  Once the nurse took us back and I had him undressed, I laid him on the scale and he was up to 14 pounds 2 ounces.  Exactly a pound heavier!  I was a happy mommy.

all bundled up for his appointment

And then the nurse brought the little growth chart, and his weight was still in the less than third percentile.  I was a little bit less excited and texted Luke that Jonah had gained weight, but was still in the same percentile as he was at six months.  Luke of course was encouraging and said it was great that he had gained weight, but I was still nervous about what the doctor was going to tell us.

We waited for a little while reading books, singing songs, and wiping noses, thanks to the fun cold that both kids have currently.  The doctor came in, looked at the growth chart, and told me he was VERY happy with Jonah's weight gain!  During the appointment he told me at least five times that I had done a great job.  He told me he wanted to encourage me, and also told me I should encourage my husband.  Another affirmation that God lead us to the right pediatrician!

fun game of open and close the door while we wait for the doctor

Jonah had lost two ounces between his four month and six month appointments, so the doctor felt that Jonah gaining a pound in three weeks was fantastic, even if the percentile hadn't changed.  He told me I could stop taking the medication (which is good since it makes me sleepy), and that he would see us back for Jonah's nine month appointment.

I'm one thankful mommy for the Lord's answer to my prayers.  We have a growing, healthy, happy baby boy, that's for sure!

love him!

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  1. A cute little boy with teeth?! I'm glad he gained weight :)