Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lately // 3

Last week was an incredibly quiet week- which is always nice to have on occasion.  I just can't handle too much quiet, or I go a little stir-crazy! The only thing we had on the agenda was speech therapy on Thursday, which takes only 45 minutes of our time.

Of course, before the work week even got started, there was a lot of love to go around.  Jonah has to always be on his stomach, and Noelle's affection is usually displayed by indifference or being on top of him.  We snapped a few pictures of the littles before church on Sunday dressed in their finery.

 someday he'll learn how to defend himself

We had some beautiful weather last week and I took the kids out for a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood.  I pushed Noelle in her little push-car while Jonah was in the Ergo. With the time change and winter coming, I know our outdoor time is limited so I'm trying to enjoy as much time outside as we can! Today is supposed to be nice, but then some colder weather is supposed to come through.  I am sure there will be days this coming winter where I will force us outside, even if we're outside for less time than it takes to get ready to go out.

all the pretty leaves

On Friday last week we decided to meet Luke for lunch and then go visit him at work to see the office he moved in to. We met at the Amish market in Laurel and ate the delicious pretzel rolls that the Amish make, and I couldn't resist getting a chocolate chip cookie whoopie pie. So good! The Amish market is only open a few days a week and it was packed, but it was fun to be able to see Luke and then see his very first office!

we ate lunch in the car because the market was so packed!

In the last week I've also had to stop running again because of runner's knee (or at least I'm pretty sure that's what it is). This really hasn't been my year for running- ankle pain while pregnant/recovery from giving birth, breaking my toes, and now this runner's knee. I can tell that my quad and IT band are tight, so I've been doing some walking and lots and lots of stretching.  And I should really do some more foam rolling.  I'd love to be able to do a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, but I don't know if that will be happening.

Noelle modeling my broken Garmin

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