Wednesday, March 25, 2015

100 Kisses A Day

To my littles,

I want to give you 100 kisses (at least) a day!

I want to kiss your little baby cheeks, your pudgy little feet, and your sweet little heads.

Because one day you won't let me kiss you anymore. And one day, when you're off to college, or off living on your own, I won't be able to kiss you every day.

When you grab my leg, or say "uppie", or lay your head on my shoulder, I'll take the opportunity to smother you in smooches. When I rescue you from your crib in the morning or fall asleep next to you at night, I'll give you kisses. When you fall asleep on my shoulder, I'll kiss your head and breath in your scent. I'll kiss you because I'm your mommy and I can. And I love you oh so much.

Some days you drive me crazy cleaning up all the spills and crumbs.  Or the disobeying me and constantly having to put you in your room, even though you say "i unnerstand" whenever I ask if you understand that you need to obey. You are almost one and almost three and I know that you have a lot of learning and growing ahead of you.

Some days I feel my love for you so much my heart hurts. The weight of my responsibility in raising you is heavy, and all I can do is pray that God gives me the wisdom and strength to do it well. Because I can't do it well on my own- I need Jesus to get me through and give me guidance. He is love and because of Him, I can love you. You are blessings from Him, and are forever tied to me and your daddy.

I love both of you more and more every day. Sure, there are a lot of things we gave up when we became parents, but the love that is gained makes it so worth it. I never understood my parent's love for me until the two of you came along. And I also feel like I understand, in the tiniest way, the Lord's love for me, though His love is bigger than I will ever be able to fully grasp. It's amazing to me all the things I've already learned in my short journey of motherhood, but the amount of love I feel for you is still so big.


The days may seem long, but I'm sad at how quickly they are going by. Sometimes I can't even believe that I have two babies! And you will definitely always be my babies, even when you are grown and have babies of your own.

So I will kiss you as much as I can. And hold your little hands for as long as you will let me. I will pray that Jesus moves your hearts to love and desire Him above all else, and I will pray that I can be a good example of that to you. Because nothing else matters if you don't trust Him with your lives, and there is so much joy, peace, and love in knowing that He is all you need.

Love and kisses,
your mommy

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