Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kitchen Sinks and a Date Night

Weekends are always best started when you get a date night! Luke and I had our March night out while Lydia was home with the littles. Per the usual, Jonah was asleep by the time she got here, and Noelle was engrossed in watching Strawberry Shortcake. Noelle had gone almost two full days without watching her beloved Strawberry and the gang because we told her she couldn't watch anymore until she took a bath or shower. Surprisingly she chose being dirty over watching her favorite show.

Luke and I headed out to Papa Joe's, a somewhat local Mexican restaurant. They recently moved to a new location and we hadn't been in a few years so we were excited to eat their yummy food. And it's always nice to be able to actually sit down for a meal together (most dinners we eat standing at our counter while we help one kid or another) and talk to each other uninterrupted. Plus the 25 minute drive to and from gave us even more time to just be together.

Saturday was going to be a quiet family day and we headed out to Home Depot to look for a new faucet to replace the leaky one in our kitchen. The kids had fun sitting in the shopping cart with two steering wheels, while Luke and I perused the selection of faucets. (I never knew faucets could be in the $300 price range!) After picking a more affordable one, we headed home and Luke started what he hoped to be a quick project.

Fast forward about six hours later, three more trips to Home Depot, a call to Luke's dad, and Luke's parents coming over, the faucet was successfully replaced. Luke did an awesome job, but because the faucet was so old (probably from the 80's), and things have changed a little, the task was a little more complicated than it would have been otherwise. But it's done and we won't have a constant dripping anymore! Meanwhile, I got the kids out of the house, who otherwise were "helping" daddy and took them to the park and then grocery shopping.

Jonah's first time on a swing!

After a rough night for Jonah, Sunday morning was church as usual. And Jonah survived the whole service in nursery by being held by the nursery captain and not actually being inside the nursery. But hey, I got to sit through a sermon! Jonah took a car nap on the way home, and that was his only nap of the day. Following family time at home, we headed out for our "baby" Bible study where we got some sweet fellowship surrounded by the craziness of  seven kids under the age of three. It was a smaller crowd than usual, but a good ending to the weekend.

And last week my post on owning a minivan was up on MomQuery for anyone who wants to check it out!

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