Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snow Day (Again!)

The other day I was lying on my back on the floor of our bedroom, and Jonah crawled over and started poking me in the eye and sticking his finger up my nose.  And he was laughing hysterically. Which of course made me laugh. I love those little moments with my kids, and it makes me want them to stay tiny forever! (And have lots of babies!)

This was on Thursday when we were having yet another snow day. Thankfully Luke was working from home and didn't have to attempt to drive in the snow, and it was fun having him pop up from the basement to hang out with us for parts of the day.

For some reason, I always feel like I must bake when we are stuck inside and snow is falling outside. With a tiny bit of encouragement from Luke, Noelle and I set to work making M&M and chocolate chip cookies during Jonah's morning nap. Noelle loves to pour the ingredients into the bowl and stir them around with a spoon. She also likes to sample the mixture, even if it is only flour and baking powder.

 my little baker

Once Jonah woke up, we played upstairs.  We played downstairs.  Noelle wanted to put a headband on Jonah. Noelle "helped" Luke do some work in the basement. We read books and colored.  We watched some Strawberry Shortcake and Angelina Ballerina. And after Jonah woke up from his very short afternoon nap, cabin fever made me feel like I needed to get out of the house. I decided to get the kids bundled up and play in the snow.

Luke came up as I was getting them ready and decided to join in on the fun. The snow was too deep out front, but Luke was able to shovel a little bit off the back deck and we tramped around out there for awhile. Our new neighbor came over with her little girl and we got to chat with her about the preschool that we're planning on sending Noelle to next year. Jonah, meanwhile, was pretty much unimpressed by the snow.

Snow days are so much better when Luke is home, but I was still so ready to get out of the house the next day. So we of course hit up our current favorite, Chick Fil A!

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