Monday, March 23, 2015

Jonah: 11 Month Update

I just can't grasp that my baby will be one next month! It seems like he just got here, but I also feel like I can't really remember life before Jonah. He is such a perfect addition for our family and I'm SO thankful for God's blessing!

chewing on my keys kept him happy

Height and Weight: Sitting him on our scale at home fully clothed he was a little over 19 pounds and no idea on his height. Looking forward to his official stats next month! 

Sleep: Just this past month we've had a lot more consistency with sleeping through the night, but we've also had a few nights where he'll wake up really upset. We've given him a 4 ounce bottle and he sucks it down so it seems that he's hungry. I'm trying to make sure he gets enough during the day, but he doesn't always focus on eating.

His naps have also been a little bit all over the place, with a sometimes shorter morning nap, but sometimes long morning nap. He still usually naps twice a day though, going down around 3:30 for his second nap.

Eating: We are officially done with nursing. I nursed him before bed one night last week, and then just stopped. I haven't had any problems with milk building up, so I think it's safe to say I'm dried up. What a journey nursing has been, but now it's on to formula full time for one more month and then cows milk!

For meals he often gets a fruitie (what we call our fruit and veggie pouches), and he also likes peanut butter sandwiches, sweet potatoes, little bits of chicken, cheese, applesauce, and usually just little bits of whatever I'm eating. He usually takes four bottles with four ounces of formula throughout the day, but I'm trying to increase that to at least five bottles. We did have a week this month where he was barely taking 12 ounces total throughout the day so I called the pediatrician. They told me to keep an eye on it, but since their tummies are still changing so much it was normal for babies to sometimes eat less. Thankfully he seems to be making up for it now by wanting more to eat, which is exactly what they predicted!

Diapers/Clothing: He is in size three diaper and is mostly wearing 6-9 month sized clothing. I've been pulling out the six month sized clothing to put away and need to get out his 12 month stuff. It just seems like we've flown through the two bins I have set aside of boys clothing. Thankfully two people at church have offered their hand-me-downs so hopefully that will keep us for a little while!


Social/Milestones: No new teeth this month, but he has been drooling a lot lately so I'm wondering if more will be coming through soon. Just in the last week he's started clapping. I've been showing him how to do it, but he hasn't really copied or initiated it until this past week. He gets a big smile on his face when he does do it!

He is pretty consistent with walking, especially at home. He walks from place to place and can squat down to pick up something, and then stand back up. If he falls on his bum, he has to crawl over to something to pull himself back up. But he is everywhere and into everything!

big sis likes to copy little brother

Likes/Dislikes: Pretty much the two things he hates are diaper changes and being away from mom. It feels like an epic battle every time we change his diaper and we have to basically pin him down while he screams just to clean him up and get a clean diaper on him. And leaving him in nursery seems pretty traumatizing, but he is all smiles once I'm holding him again.

Fun things we did: This past month seems to have been a bit quiet as we've dealt with being sick and the end of winter weather.  But we did spend time with the grandparents, had a few playdates, and made it to Bible study a few times. We even had a few trips to the play ground, which Jonah enjoyed despite not being able to really do much. I think he just loves being outside!

Pictures from the month:

 donut date at Dunkin Donuts

"helping" daddy with the faucet

 first time in the swing!

 playground time

 playing at the mall

two serious drivers

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