Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wedding Dress and Toms

I'd really like to know how other moms with a potty- training toddler and infant manage to help their toddler use the potty while out and about. I don't usually bring Jonah's carseat into stores anymore because I know he would be unhappy if he was stuck in it and couldn't look around.  And since it's been cold, I haven't really been using the Ergo- therefore he must be carried or sitting in the cart. Yesterday I took the littles to the doctor to get Noelle checked for her never ending cough (we're on week 4 of this thing!), and twice while we were there she said she needed to use the potty. I managed to tuck Jonah into a football hold under my arm, while lifting Noelle up, but it was not easy!  It's a good thing Jonah is as small as he is, but he probably could have easily wiggled out if he'd really tried.

probably getting more germs at the Doctor's office

The kids have also had runny noses for a few weeks now, and Noelle alternates between demanding help ("Wipe my nose!") and using a napkin or toilet paper to wipe her own nose. I've caught her numerous times going into the bathroom and unwrapping a long length of toilet paper ("I want a big one."), and then wadding it up into a ball, taking one swipe at her leaky nose, and throwing it into the toilet. She's definitely not saving any trees.

Yesterday while Jonah was napping, I decided it would be fun to take out my wedding dress and try it on with Noelle. She loved it, and kept exclaiming, "It's your princess dress, Mommy!" over and over again. So adorable! It made me happy to see her excitement, but it was also a tad depressing because I can no longer zip up the dress. Two children and my love for sugar has made me a little bit rounder than I was when I was 23. Makes me almost feel a little bit more motivated to cut out some of the sugar I've been inhaling. Almost.

This week we have finally been blessed with spring-like weather.  Praise the Lord! We spent a little bit of time outside on Monday before the rain came the next day, and Noelle and I were finally able to break out our matching Toms that my sister Becky gave to us for Christmas. I asked Noelle if she would always match me, even when she's a teenager, and she agreed.  I should probably get that in writing so she can't back out.

matching Toms

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