Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Playground and the Dentist

Spring is coming! I think we're being teased a bit as there is a chance of snow/rain at the end of this week, but we had an absolutely beautiful sunny 65* day yesterday. After my every-six-month teeth cleaning, I put the kids in the stroller and walked to the playground. We had also gone to the playground on Sunday evening before heading over to our Bible study and Noelle had been asking to go again ever since.

helping Jonah on the monkey bars

Noelle is such a goof because she wants so badly to go to the playground, but once we're there she's very cautious about everything. She won't go down a slide by herself even though she has a blast whenever she actually does go down one.  And when I'm holding Jonah it's hard for me to help get her down. She does love going on the swing, but she's cautious about walking over the little bridge. Meanwhile Jonah wants so badly to just follow around his sister and any other kids.

the playground on Sunday evening when it was a little chilly

Yesterday morning I ran 10 miles outside and it was glorious!  It feels so good to be running outside and it will only get better as it gets warmer. After running on the treadmill for about three weeks straight, I finally ran outside for the first time last week and my legs were so sore the next day. Thank you hills! But it feels so good to be out, and I definitely prefer running outdoors. My outdoor 10 mile run was about six minutes faster than the 10 mile run I did on the treadmill a few weeks ago.

When I was at the dentist I was telling the hygienist about how I had chipped one of my teeth on a safety pin after running the Rudolph 6K back in December. I had eaten half a multi-grain breakfast bar before the race and stuck the rest of it in my coat pocket. After the race I took off my race bib and put the safety pins in my pocket and one managed to get stuck in the breakfast bar. When I took a bite later on, I heard and felt and nice big crunch. Definitely something I would do! It was a good thing the safety pin stayed closed or I could have been in a lot of pain.

And thankfully the chipped part is on the inside of my mouth so no one can see it, and the dentist says I don't need to do anything about it since it's not bothering me. The hygienist happens to be a runner as well so she and I got to talking about various races that we've done. It got me more excited for my half in April and for the American Odyssey Relay in May. Lots of fun running coming up!

from the first American Odyssey Relay we did in 2010

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