Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Monday Thoughts (on Tuesday)

I know Mondays tend to be kind of blah- the weekend is over, Daddy is back at work, more responsibilities, and no sleeping in.

But I had a really good mommy Monday yesterday.

I've been enjoying getting my long runs in on Monday mornings, and since I did 10 miles last week, I decided to cut back to eight and a half yesterday. I'm usually finishing up my run just as the sky is starting to lighten, and then I'm showered and ready to go by the time the kids wake up.

Jonah was crying by the time I finished blow drying my hair, and that of course woke up Noelle. But once we battled the diaper change and putting clean clothes on, Jonah was happier and we got Noelle ready for the day. As we were finishing up, Tyler and Sienna (the kids I watch before school in the morning) got here, and Noelle exclaimed "Sienny's here!" And then as we headed down the stairs she called out to Sienna, "Sienny, it's me, Princess Ellie!" And then twirled around in her dress at the bottom of the stairs. Oh how I love the random things she says!

Once Jonah went down for his morning nap, I got in some time in the Word while Noelle watched Strawberry Shortcake. I'm continuing the Lent series on She Reads Truth, and today I was reminded of the fact that my efforts to draw closer to Christ don't make me "better" to Him- I'm already loved by Him beyond measure. What a great truth!

so proud of himself for knocking over a chair and standing on it

We ate lunch and played for awhile once Jonah woke up. At one point, he fell down and hit his head. I scooped him up and cuddled him on my shoulder until he stopped crying, and Noelle followed my lead and picked up Care Bear and soothed Care Bear's "crying". I love seeing the little mommy in her, and it's a reminder to me just how much she mimics everything.

Our afternoon fun involved a trip to the library, and then a date at Dunkin Donuts where the three of us split a chocolate chip muffin and I got my free iced coffee. The perfect afternoon pick me up, and a good reason to get out of the house. I got a little punch card in the mail a few weeks ago for a free medium iced coffee for six Mondays in March and April and I have used them all so far!

On the drive back home, I started thinking about the sermon at church on Sunday and was struck again by Pastor Randy's question- do we expect the Holy Spirit to show up when we come to worship? And that made me think about whether I ask that question in any situation in my life. I know He's always with me, but do I expect Him to work through me and in those around me when I'm in various situations? Made me think more about praying for specific encounters with those around me, and then consciously acknowledging when He is at work.

More play time and then baths for the littles before dinner with Daddy. And then the usual "Once Upon A Time" viewing and ice cream with Aunt Lydia. I'd say it was a good Monday!

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