Saturday, March 21, 2015

Speech and Spring

We got some good news on Thursday- Noelle's speech therapist did a one year assessment of Noelle's speech a few weeks ago, and she is now where she should be for a toddler her age. Praise the Lord!! Granted, the therapist also had to make that assessment based a lot on what I told her rather than what she heard because Noelle gets super quiet whenever the therapist comes to our house. But I'm so thankful for the program and for the therapist who has worked with us for the past year.

We did decide to keep going with the twice a month therapy appointments until she turns three just to continue to work on clarity in her speech. Plus if we stop now, if anything came up in the next few weeks, we would have to start all over with a different program because of Noelle turning three in a few months. But we figure more therapy will only help and we love having the therapist come to our house.

we also went to the mall after meeting with the therapist

Within a six day period I had three girls nights! Love, love, love having other ladies to connect with. One was with my MOPS group for a moms night out, and then the next night I went to a Mary Kay party with some girls from my Bible Study. As usual when we get together, there was lots of hilarity and catching up, especially since the weather seems to have cancelled a few get-togethers over the last few months. This past Wednesday I met up with a group of mamas who get together once a month for dinner or dessert. It was great to catch up, and of course we talked about our littles for most of the time.

Jonah is most definitely all boy. Last night I looked over where he was playing and he had stepped up on a little riding car toy that we have so he could see what was on top of the little book shelf. I do not remember Noelle doing anything like that at 11 months. He's also quite cheeky and knows when he's about to do something bad. When the gate at the bottom of the stairs is left open, he'll make a break for it and stand at the bottom step. As I rush over to get him, he gets excited and laughs, acting like he's going to crawl up. Such a stinker!

And to celebrate the first day of spring yesterday, we headed up to Rita's to get our free flavored ice. We also got a nice little bit of snow yesterday, which made the line super short, and we ate inside the van. But Noelle loved her Strawberry ice, and then wanted to eat the rest of mine. Girlfriend certainly loves her sweets!

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