Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

This past weekend we went to our first Easter egg hunt of the season. My mother-in-law let me know about it earlier in the week, and we love being able to get the kids out of the house and doing something fun when we can, so this was perfect! There were also going to be bunnies to pet and a little fair going on so we figured Noelle would have a blast.

Sadly the weather had not received the memo that it is indeed officially spring, and my smart phone told me it was 28 degrees, feels like 17. But we decided to bundle the kids up and were greeted by snow flurries when we arrived. I think the actual egg searching was supposed to take place in a park, but they ended up having it on the second floor of a parking garage. Each age was roped off into their own little areas with eggs just scattered about. We stood outside the area for two year olds and waited until the countdown was finished and then walked in with Noelle.

not too sure about the bunny

She was definitely not into it, and just wanted Luke to hold her. I was trying to take pictures of her and convince her that there were fun things inside the eggs, but she wanted none of it! Finally another little girl came over and picked up the three eggs right at our feet and put them into Noelle's basket. It was the sweetest thing! And then I grabbed one more for her, and by then all the other eggs were gone. We headed over to the little church where the fair was going on and opened up the eggs to see what we got.

Jonah loose in a pet store

I convinced Noelle to play one game, but she refused to pet the bunny that a woman brought over to us, and she just seemed overwhelmed by all the chaos. We decided to leave, and as we were walking to the car Noelle said she wanted to look for Easter eggs.  I guess she just needed the reminder that there was candy in the eggs! We ended up swinging by Pet Smart to see all the animals. Noelle and Jonah enjoyed peeking in the reptile tanks and seeing the cats and fish. When we left to go meet Lydia for lunch, Noelle made sure to say goodbye to all the animals. ("By kitties, see you tomorrow!")

The rest of Saturday involved naps, Strawberry Shortcake watching, and grocery shopping. We were hesitant about taking the kids to church on Sunday morning because they both had runny noses (again!), but Noelle seemed cleared up enough by morning that we figured she would be safe. Normally she is so excited about going to nursery and seeing her friends, but for some reason she was so upset when we left her. We figured it would just take her a minute and she would be fine.

checking out the mall fountain before lunch

By the time the singing was done and it was time for the sermon to start, Jonah was being too active and his nose wasn't running at all, so I decided to drop him off in the nursery. As soon as I got there, I saw Noelle standing at the window in the 2's and 3's room crying her eyes out still. The nursery captain told me she was just about to page me to come and get her. Poor girl! So I dropped off Jonah and took Noelle into the sanctuary. She didn't last long either, so she and I sat in the lobby while I tried to pay some attention to the sermon.

Sunday evening we hosted a cookout with a bunch of friends from church. Jonah seemed to soak up all the attention, while Noelle stayed fast asleep on the couch for the first hour that everyone was there. We had lots of fun catching up with everyone and getting to know some newer people better. It was the perfect end to our weekend!

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